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27 December 1979
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Lived in Western Washington, then Vermilion and Edmonton, Alberta - High School in Odessa, TX - then One year of University at the University of Edmonton - then back to Texas for a nursing degree at Texas Tech. Worked in the SICU at UMC in Lubbock Texas from 2002-2006. Moved to Spokane (waaaaah - miss my friends in Lubbock!) in October of 2006 and worked in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and got a BS in geology at EWU. I'm currently in Albuquerque working in the Trauma ICU after not quite getting a Masters in Planetary Science.

In 2002 I married my high school sweet heart (Chris Chappell) and in 2006 we had the best baby boy ever - Alex! Currently he's 10 and hell on wheels.

I read a ton, write even more, cross stitch, and play a lot of video games.

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